Teeth Whitening Procedure in Katy, Tx

A discolored smile can reduce your confidence and make everyday activities difficult. At Rightway Dental, our dental team can brighten your smile! There are a number of reasons that your teeth may become stained. Discoloration can happen due to your oral health habits as well as the foods that you eat. If you are searching for teeth whitening Katy, Tx, Rightway Dental provides best options. schedule your appointment now and talk to our highly experienced dentist to see which option is the best option for you, we can help you get your dream smile through teeth whitening.
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Why Do Teeth Become Yellow?

Enamel, a protective layer, coats the tooth. Did you know that enamel is the strongest substance in the body? It shields the tooth from bacteria and acids that develop in your mouth. These bad germs come from sugars and starches that you eat. If you do not brush twice a day for two minutes each and floss once a day, then bacteria and acids will start to wear down your tooth’s enamel. As scratches appear on your tooth they reveal the soft, yellow layer underneath called Dentin. Thus, it is not coffee making your teeth yellow, but actually the sugars and acids from the coffee that wear down the white enamel and reveal the yellow dentin below. So, remember to care for your teeth to prevent yellowing.

Vital Teeth Whitening

Simply, vital teeth whitening is used with a natural tooth that has a root while non-vital whitening is for a tooth that has had a root canal and no longer has a living root. For vital teeth whitening, Dr. Ruiz may give you the option to whiten your teeth at home or in the office. She will use a bleaching gel with a custom fit tray. Depending on how white you want your teeth, you may need between 1 to 3 visits that will take between 30 and 90 minutes. Some whitening products such as ZOOM! whitening use a blue laser light that will be placed over your teeth. We will give you a custom fit whitening trays and bleaching gel that you can apply for at-home whitening treatments.

We whiten non-vital teeth from the inside out rather than just whitening the outer layer of enamel. To do this, Dr. Ruiz will place the teeth whitening gel inside of the tooth and cover it with a filling. A few days later, you will come back to Rightway Dental where Dr. Ruiz will remove the filling and the gel.

What is the difference between Professional
and Over-the-Counter teeth Whitening?

For slight shade changes, some patients may opt to use an over-the-counter product. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are not custom fit to your smile, so they typically miss the spots between your teeth. In-office treatment has better results because the trays target hard-to-get spots. Although there are over the counter whitening options, for the best results, you should visit Dr. Ruiz at Rightway Dental.

We want to improve the look, feel, and function of your smile. For more information on teeth whitening or to plan your next visit with Dr. Ruiz at Rightway Dental, call our office today at (281) 232-1801.

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