Restorative Therapy in Katy, TX.

Restorative Care

At Rightway Dental we know that you do your best to care for your smile. However, we know that you may have problems within and
below your teeth that need restorative therapy. We are here to help you! From decay to gum disease, we have the restorative therapy to help your smile. Below are a few ways we can help you through restorative therapy.
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Over time, cavities can develop in your teeth from sugars and
carbs in your foods and drinks. The sugars and carbs become
acids that wear down the outer layer of your teeth, called enamel. If this happens, you will need restorative therapy. In a cavity, a shallow amount of decay breaks through the tooth’s enamel. To stop the decay from getting worse, Dr. Ruiz will take out the decayed part and fill it with a gold, amalgam, or composite filing. Each restorative therapy its own pros and cons. Talk to Dr. Ruiz and her team before choosing the best one for you. But, if you do not treat the cavity right away, it can get bigger and go into the layer under the enamel, called the Dentin. If the cavity reaches the pulp, where the blood vessels and nerves are located, you will need a root canal. This is why you should treat your teeth with restorative therapy right away.

Dentures and Implants

If you are missing all or some of your teeth, Dr. Ruiz may treat you with dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Dentures are removable, but implants and bridges cannot be moved. Many patients ask for dental implant restorative therapy. The caps put on-top-of your weak or missing tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth. Also, they can be placed in just a few visits! Many call dental implants one of the biggest improvements in dentistry.

Periodontal Treatment

When bacteria builds-up around the teeth it can put your mouth at risk for gum disease. How does this happen? First, sticky plaque from food forms around the teeth. When you brush your teeth, this plaque is taken off of the gums. You should take off this plaque twice a day for good oral health. If you do not brush twice a day and floss once a day, then the plaque will turn into hard tartar. This is not easy to take off! If this happens, call Rightway Dental to take off the tarter. At this point, gum disease has developed. This restorative therapy stops gum disease before it turns into periodontal disease. Without this restorative treatment, you may hurt your gums, lose a tooth, or have jawbone damage. Yes, regular visits are good!

At Rightway Dental, we are want to help you get your best smile. We offer a many restorative therapy treatments including filings, dentures and implants, and periodontal treatment. For more information about restorative therapy or to plan your next visit with Dr. Ruiz and her team at Rightway Dental call us at (281)-232-1801, today! We look forward to visiting with you.
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