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Preventive Care Treatment

At Rightway Dental we know the importance of caring for your smile over time. With our preventative care services, we work to teach our patients about how they can care for their smile at home and in the office. There are many services that can help patients in-office. Below are a few of those ways.
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Foods with a lot of carbs such as, chips and pasta, can hurt your teeth. If you do not brush right away, carbs turn into sugars and then turn into acids. These acids, along with bacteria, buildup on and around your teeth. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth often the bacteria and acids can wear down the outer layer of your tooth. This layer is called enamel. Another way the enamel can be broken is from coffee and brightly colored fruits. These items wear down the look of your smile. Your teeth may look yellow because the sub layer, called Dentin, is yellow. How can preventative dentistry help? Use sealants and fluoride! Sealants, usually given to kids, make the enamel stronger on the back molars. This preventative tool covers the areas where some children may miss while brushing. Similarly, fluoride can be used by adults. You can get this through toothpaste, tap water, and during a Rightway Dental check-up. Both treatment options are used as preventative care to stop the development of tooth decay and their problems early.


At Rightway Dental, we also use preventative care in our dental cleanings. How do we do this? First, during your cleaning, one of our hygienists will clean your teeth. Next, they will use special tools to remove built-up plaque and tartar that you cannot get with a toothbrush. After this, your teeth will feel smooth and shiny. This preventative tool stops future plaque from sticking to your teeth. Next, Dr. Ruiz will look at your teeth and mouth with an x-ray and an in-office exam. She will be able to tell if there are any bad areas. If she can, she will treat them with preventative care such as, giving you a prescription toothpaste to stop decay before it becomes a cavity. Treating a dental problem early is the key to stopping future problems that may cost more time and money. Using preventative care is the best way to keep your smile beautiful and healthy!

At Home Care

Lastly, good preventative care not only occurs in the dental office, but also at home. Our goal at Rightway Dental is to give our patients the tools to care for their oral health. For the best oral health, use preventative care techniques such as, brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing your teeth once per day. Another preventative tips is to drink water along with sugary drinks or teeth staining drinks such as, tea and coffee. No, you don’t have to give-up your favorite drinks for good oral health. You just need to drink more water!
At Rightway Dental we want to help you care for your teeth. We want to help you get your best smile! For more information about our preventative care or to plan your next visit at Rightway Dental call our team at (281)-232-1801, today!
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