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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Gaps Between Teeth?


Can cosmetic dentistry fix gaps between teeth?

There are many ways to close gaps between teeth. The ideal method depends on the size of the tooth gap and the expected outcome from a functional and cosmetic perspective.

Cosmetic dentistry is a dedicated field that focuses on enhancing the appearance of your teeth. In addition, cosmetic dentists improve the teeth’ form and function that often gets overlooked. A common problem often disturbs appearance and teeth function in someone’s dental health is gaps. Also known as diastema, tooth gaps can be considered one of the most common dental issues patients struggle with. Whether it is genetic or because you sucked your thumb as a child, Cosmetic dentistry in Katy can use their experience and expertise to guide you to the best option for fixing tooth gaps.

Causes of Diastema

Tooth gap or diastema can be caused due to various factors, such as oversized labial frenum (tissues above the two front teeth) or poorly aligned dental arch. Other than that, thumb sucking in early childhood can also lead to a gapped tooth. In addition to that, it can also happen due to bone loss from gum disease, missing teeth that allow existing teeth to spread out, or small teeth which are not proportionate to the jawbone.

What Problems can Poor Spacing in Teeth Cause?

The spacing issue can lead to two major causes-

  • Overcrowding in the mouth
  • Gaps in mouth

Both can hamper your smile and be embarrassing in public. You may not wish to go out in public or meet people. Crowding makes teeth misaligned and crooked, and it has health and cosmetic implications. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry in Fulshear can give you relief so you can feel confident and good about your wide smile. There are many methods under cosmetic dentistry that can fix your teeth’ gap.

1- Dental Bonding

It is one of the most successful methods to fill gaps between teeth. Under this process, a tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth and later stiffened using a special light, so it looks natural.
After filling the dental gap, your tooth will look normal. The material used in dental bonding is somewhat stain-resistant but not like crowns. The best benefit of dental bonding is that it does not need multiple visits to the dentist; the treatment is done at one visit only.

2- Veneers

Porcelain veneers can be an effective method to close gaps and cover deformed teeth. Patients who have chips or cracks in front teeth often go for this method. A veneer is a thin shell that fits the front of an affected tooth. It is generally made of ceramic or porcelain and matches the color of the surrounding teeth. They are thin coverings that go directly over a tooth to cover its imperfections. The cosmetic dentists can refer to the dental lab for the custom creation of veneer to ensure a perfect fit for your tooth and gap.

3- Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become quite popular in the cosmetic dentistry industry. There are plenty of popular brands that can be used to correct bite issues, straighten teeth, and even close gaps. Clear aligners for gap issues are mostly needed for up to a year. Every few weeks, the patient needs to visit the cosmetic dentist for a new aligner according to the adjustment.

4- Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can be a viable method of replacing gaps in your mouth. Dentists usually choose this method of treatment when a patient has lost a tooth, but it can work well for spacing issues as well. A bridge is made up of a metal framework with an artificial tooth that interlinks to two crowns. This covers up the gap between two natural teeth. A dental bridge cannot be removed once installed.

5- Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are mostly used in cosmetic dentistry to treat chipped or cracked teeth; however, they can be used to close gaps between teeth. The cosmetic dentist in Katy can help you get a lab custom-create a dental crown that fits over a tooth perfectly next to the gap. Dental crowns in cosmetic dentistry are mostly tooth-colored and made of porcelain or ceramic.

Say Goodbye to Gaps

If you are searching for cosmetic dentistry near me, you are off to a good start as it is an effective way to close gaps in teeth. At Rightway Dental, we have experienced doctors and a dental healthcare team who can provide the right treatment for you. Dr. Tasha Ruiz, who is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Texas Dental Association (TDA), the American Orthodontic Society (AOS), and the Greater Houston Dental Society (GHDS) along with her friendly staff can put a healthy and confident smile on your face. Request an appointment with us today!