Are Braces Cosmetic or Necessary?


Are Braces Cosmetic or Necessary?

Braces do have the ability to change the appearance of your smile, so are they just cosmetic or can they be necessary? Around 50%-80% of kids in the US smile with their braces out, but how many of them absolutely needed braces for medical purposes? It is difficult to conclude.
There are plenty of practical and significant reasons to get braces for your teeth. If you are searching for cosmetic dentistry near me for yourself or your kid, it is crucial to understand all the benefits braces can bring you and when they may be necessary for your dental health.

How to Know if You Need Braces?

Braces are mostly used to straighten teeth that are not aligned properly. If you or your child require braces, it is important to know that the process is expensive, time-consuming, and troublesome. But corrective dental braces tend to possess a high success rate, and they will provide you with oral health that goes beyond a perfect smile. So, it is worth it? We think so.
Braces are commonly prescribed during early adolescence or childhood. Adults can also get braces if needed. In fact, according to a study, 20% of people with braces are adults, in recent times. If you think you or your family member could benefit from braces, it is better to get it done sooner or later. You can get in touch with cosmetic dentistry in Katy to know more.

How Long Does It Take For Braces To Straighten Teeth?

The time needed for braces to straighten teeth depends on many factors, such as the patient’s age, type of braces, expertise, and skill of the dentist, and the patient’s obedience to instructions. Due to modern orthodontics, you can get different braces to fix crooked teeth, with each of them having a different pace for orthodontic correction.
Usually, it takes up to 6-8 months to treat mild orthodontic issues with braces such as minor crowding or spacing. In addition, treatment of moderate to severe issues involving the bite takes around 18-24 months. Your dentist will give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to fix your orthodontic problem, after a clinical examination.

Are Braces Cosmetic or Necessary?

It is true that braces are not considered to be a cosmetic treatment, but there is no denying that they improve the aesthetics of your mouth. It makes your smile look more beautiful and proper. Research shows that improved physical attractiveness and self-esteem are significant advantages of orthodontic treatment. In brief, the aesthetic benefits of braces are more than just vanity; straighter teeth can, indeed, tangibly enhance your self-confidence and mental health. Is that important? You be the judge of it.
Braces help avoid future problems that could affect your child later in life. Some of these issues are nighttime grinding, TMJ, decay, and sleep apnea. One of the main things that dentists look for is crooked or misaligned teeth. This can be quite noticeable in some patients, and can sometimes affect the lower or upper teeth. With misalignment, people often find it challenging to brush or floss their teeth. As bacteria starts to develop on the teeth without being properly brushed off, it can create a cavity. In patients whose teeth are straight, it becomes much easier for them to angle their toothbrush while brushing, and put floss properly in between the teeth. This helps to prevent decay.
Orthodontic procedures to improve bad bite and realign your jaw may also fix sleep disorders, breathing, teeth grinding and chewing difficulties, and even speech problems in some cases.

Braces- More Than Aesthetics

In simple terms, braces are more than simply looking good and improving your smile. There is much cosmetic dentistry in Fulshear that you can reach out to, to know more about the procedure and benefits. Here are some reasons how braces prevent other serious health issues.

  • Bad bite- A crooked or a misaligned jaw can affect your ‘bite’- how your upper and lower teeth come in contact. This can result in overbites and underbites of diverse severity. There can be severe side-effects such as jaw, face, or back pain and chronic headaches.
  • Speech and chewing- In some serious cases, a misaligned jaw can affect your speech. It can also make it hard to properly chew your food.
  • Tooth wear- A bad bite may make your teeth wear unevenly, leading to potential breakages and chips.
  • Dental hygiene- Crooked or misaligned teeth, for some people, can make it difficult to brush or floss properly. It can result in tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease.


Are braces Cosmetic or Necessary?

Improperly aligned teeth can cause issues such as teeth grinding, teeth cavities, periodontal issues, and temporomandibular joint disorders. It can also lead to cosmetic facial defects.
Hence, the ultimate objective of orthodontic treatment with braces is to realign your teeth. As the braces realign your teeth, they will also bring back your facial aesthetics and smile. So, braces help you in restoring your dental health, as well as your facial aesthetics, which in turn, boosts your self-confidence.
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