Does Your Child Have a Chipped Tooth? Fear Not!

May 19, 2022

Are you a parent of a child who was injured while playing and suffered a chipped tooth? Have you sat worrying, wondering how to tackle the challenge ahead? This article is for you. The biggest fear for any parent of a child is their safety. A chipped tooth can be scary dentistry to face with your child, but there are some great ways to treat the condition and get your child back to their normal activities.

Chipped Teeth: What Parents Need to Know

Depending on how severe the chipped tooth is, there are different courses of action you can take. Here they are:

  • Don’t panic

A chipped or cracked tooth is easier to fix when you take immediate action. Stay calm and help your child relax, too. Take deep breaths and stay focused on getting the proper care for your child's needs as quickly as possible.

  • Call your dentist 

Search for general dentistry near me, and contact a dentist right away so that they can take a look at the chipped tooth. They will be able to give you advice on how you should proceed, which may include making an appointment with them for an assessment. If the chip is severe or if there is pain involved, it's important for you to get your child seen as soon as possible.

  • Know how to check for fractures

If your child suffers from a chipped tooth, it's important to check for fractures before administering treatment. If you have something to clean the area with, such as gauze or a wet paper towel, gently clean the area around the tooth. Next, have your child bite down on something soft (such as gauze) while they close their mouth. You want to check if the tooth is loose and if there is any pain when biting down. If you see any blood coming from the tooth, there may be an internal fracture.

Final Words

You will be relieved to know your child does not need surgery for a chipped tooth. The dentist will take out the chipped part and place a crown instead. This procedure will help your child maintain perfect bite, healthy teeth and a great smile--how could you resist? Crowns come in different options with different models and price as well. Rightway Dental in Fulshear, TX, is here to help you through this whole process! We are here for your children and will make sure their teeth are taken care of with the most up-to-date technology and the friendliest staff. Dr Tasha Ruiz is a pediatric dentist in katy tx at RD, so you'll be in great hands no matter how old your child is. Contact us today!

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