5 Fun Tips To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

September 3, 2021

How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Top Fun Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush their Teeth

Making brushing your kid’s teeth fun is one of the best ways to get your young kids interested in brushing their teeth. Some games you can play are brushing away the “sugar bugs”, roleplay, making funny faces, or beating the timer. Whatever game you play, the idea is to make it fun so your kids are excited to take care of their teeth. Your payoffs will be when your kids are older and their teeth are healthy and they're are glad to show off their pearly whites, let me show you 5 Fun Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush their Teeth.

For most parents, teaching kids good oral hygiene is a twice-daily headache. Many experts state it's a hassle that’s worth it. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children aged 16 - 19 according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, poor oral hygiene has been linked to everything from speech delays to dental pain and infections to diabetes. It’s been proven over and over again that oral health is closely linked to overall health. Educating your kids about good oral hygiene will set them up with healthy oral habits for their entire life.

Tips to Implement to Prevent Cavities:

  • It’s Key to Start Oral Hygiene Early

You’ll want to start teaching your kids how to brush their teeth as part of their morning and nightly routines. You’ll also want to teach them how to floss each night. So you’re probably want to know how early to start teaching oral hygiene? Many dentists recommend teaching dental hygiene before your child’s first tooth arrives. Dentists also recommend wiping your infant’s gums nightly with a soft, damp cloth. Then you’ll need to switch to a toothbrush when your child’s teeth arrive. Teeth usually come in around 6 months of age. You’ll want to floss your child’s teeth once teeth start touching other teeth. This usually occurs around 6 months of age.

You’ll want to schedule your child's first dental appointment by their first birthday. Flossing is recommended at ages 2 to 3. If you sense your child has any anxiety before seeing the dentist you can play soothing music, bring a favorite stuffed animal or another toy, and reassure your little one that you will be at the dental appointment the entire time.

  • Be a Good Role Model

Always practice what you preach with it comes to good dental hygiene. Your child needs to see you brushing and flossing your teeth daily. You can role model how to brush and floss your teeth so your child can mimic each move you make. You’ll want to encourage them to follow your lead in front of the mirror.

  • Make Toothbrushing a Game

No matter what your age, dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. This is because the longer you brush, the more plaque you will remove.

    • Make oral hygiene fun

One recommendation is to brush during a commercial TV break. This way once they’re done, their show will be back on and they won’t have missed anything. Experts recommend turning off the TV at least 30 minutes before your child goes to bed so they sleep well.

    • Set a timer

You can either play their favorite song for two minutes or find a timer filled with colorful sand or just a regular timer and challenge your child to brush his or her teeth until all the sand hits the bottom. Some toothbrushes for kids blink after two minutes.

    • Give incentives

Tell your kid he or she can stay up a little later past bedtime or he or she can pick the next movie for family night or he or she can pick the next family dinner. Offering simple rewards can help encourage your child to brush their teeth for two minutes. Praise goes a long way to helping your little one feel confident about their own oral hygiene and radiant teeth.

    • Tell a story

Sometimes simply telling a story while your kid brushes his or her teeth can keep them entertained while they brush. You'll soon learn if your little one prefers music or storytelling while practicing the dental hygiene techniques you taught.
Kids relate well to stories so you can relay any age-appropriate story or book. It can be a book about kids practicing good oral hygiene or one of their favorite books.

    • Choose Kid-Approved Dental Supplies

Sometimes brushing and flossing can be harsh for small hands. Always choose kid-appropriate dental supplies like toddler toothbrushes, floss for kids, and electric toothbrushes for kids. Little kids need to brush in small circles as they don’t have a lot of manual dexterity. Power toothbrushes for kids help kids remove more stubborn plaque, which a regular toothbrush has a harder time removing. Let your child pick out his or her favorite toothbrush and their favorite toothpaste. Don’t be surprised if your child chooses bubble gum or a fruity flavor toothpaste.
Making dental hygiene a fun and engaging routine will help your child develop a lifelong twice-a-day habit of taking care of his or her mouth and teeth. Twice a year dental appointments will also set your child up for great lifelong healthy teeth, gums, and mouth.

  • Finding a Gentle Dentist for Your Child

Dr. Ruiz recognizes that treating the entire family means everyone will have a radiant smile. She knows having a tighter budget shouldn’t prevent you from having great oral health and healthy teeth. Dr. Ruiz prides herself on offering affordable prices that fit everyone’s budget. She is happy to work with all her patients' situations and does so with an expertly trained staff and some of the most modern state-of-the-art technology available today.

Contact a dentist today Dr. Ruiz is known for her passion for dentistry, and her ability to offer her patients beautiful smiles. She opened Rightway Dental because she believes in practicing dentistry the “right way.” She also believes in providing preventive and comprehensive healthcare to all of her patients. Not only does Dr. Ruiz practice optimum dental care, but she is also known for her friendly, tender, and caring approach that puts her patients at ease.

Dr. Ruiz is gentle and believes in providing preventive and comprehensive dental care to all of her patients. Not only does Dr. Ruiz practice optimum dental care, but she is also known for her friendly, tender, and caring approach that puts her patients at ease no matter their age.

Rightway Dental offers complete dental care to patients in the Katy and Fulshear area. We offer regular checkups, preventative care, restoration therapy, and orthodontic services including braces. Our goal is to make your dental experience comfortable and easy while maintaining your oral and overall health.

Dr. Ruiz has amazing reviews from her patients that emphasize what an incredible dentist she is, how gentle and comfortable she makes her patients, and how friendly and helpful her staff is. Many testimonials state Dr. Ruiz is both personable and professional, and they’re pleased with the treatment she recommends.

Why Wait?

Don’t wait or procrastinate until your senior has a toothache, tooth decay, or missing teeth. Let Dr. Ruiz hear from you so we can schedule your senior’s dental visit today.

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